Lonak Waterfalls

These waterfalls are located on the wooden region along the mountain road of Siyahkal (siahkal) to Deylaman (Deilaman) after the city of Siyahkal, and their distance to Siyahkal is about 25 km. This complex consists of 5 large and small waterfalls which the first one is located near the road by a few meters distance and the others are located deep inside the jungle. The waterfalls have high water in spring and autumn and low water in summer. This region has its special fans and young couples come beside the waterfall on their wedding days and take memorable photos.

The complex of Lonak waterfalls consist of 5 large and small waterfalls, except for the main waterfall. If you want to go there, you should walk for about 1.5 to 2 km towards Lonak upstream and you should pass a rocky path. Siyahkal’s Lonak waterfalls are located on the geographical location of E495148N370030 in Guilan province. These waterfalls are located on the wooden region along the mountain road of Siyahkal to Deylaman, after the city of Siyahkal, and their distance to Siyahkal is about 25 km. Among the natural attractions of this region we can mention natural jungles along the Siyahkal to Deylaman road, a very beautiful river with a cool water in summer which its access distance from the surface due to its location in the valley is sometimes over 100 meters, and green areas of Deylaman. Also, reaching for the skies trees like beech, hornbeam, alder, Diospyros lotus, hazel, diverse vegetation and colorful flowers around Lonak waterfall as well as favorable climate, have made this waterfall very beautiful and charming. The beauty of this area is incredible and indescribable in the spring and summer. Existence of different species of birds and a variety of beautiful flowers around it, have made Lonak waterfalls as one of the most important tourist attractions in Guilan and in Iran. Next to the waterfall, a very beautiful road from Siyahkal to Deylaman is located, which is one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Iran. From the south, after passing the beautiful and green rice paddies and charming tea gardens and passing Lonak waterfall, this road enters into Siyahkal’s jungles. After that we reach to the beautiful village of Damash where is a bed for growing Iran’s most valuable flower named lily. It is one of the rarest flowers in the world which apart from this small village in Deylaman and Langaran in Azarbaijan, has been found nowhere else in the world, and attempts to reproduce and nurture this flower has been inconclusive, so far. The place by this flower vegetation has been fenced off and protected since 1976 and it has been registered as one of the natural and national Heritage sites. Further on the way, we reach to Jirandeh(Jirindih) and at last to Lowshan which is located at Qazvin to Rasht highway. This path is full of flowery plains and never dried springs. Siyahkal and Deylaman areas with a long history have unknown places and hidden secrets inside. As other natural attractions of this area, we can mention Dorfak mountain, green areas of Deylaman and Spili, Larikhani mineral water spring, Espahbodan Cave, and Aghoozi area, each has its own beauty.

Translated by:     Narjes Jafari Golnesaei

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